6 Best Sex Positions for Women That Will Surely Blow Your Mind

6 Best Sex Positions for Women That Will Surely Blow Your Mind

6 Best Sex Positions for Women That Will Surely Blow Your Mind

Kama Sutra has above and beyond a couple dozen distinct sex positions. And keeping in mind that every one of them are similarly worth investigating, some of the time you may very well need a sex position that will ensure an easy climax. What’s more for quite a long time when you simply need to have a good time in the bedroom, we have a rundown of the six best sex positions for ladies that will certainly knock your socks off:


Cowgirl is ideal for ladies since it gives full control over the movements, speed, profundity, and point of entrance. In this way, you can without much of a stretch change as you go and take control over your orgasm. This is a position that will expect you to do most of work as you’ll be ricocheting all over your partner’s penis. Notwithstanding, they can likewise help by pushing their hips upwards, extending the penetration, and offering support. Aerocity Call Girls are waiting for you!


Doggy is one of the most incredible sex positions for ladies since it offers deep penetration angles that make certain to hit the appropriate spots, and your accomplice can likewise go after your clit, which is the reliable method for disapproving of blowing mixed orgasms. Your accomplice picks the speed and the profundity of penetration. In any case, you can likewise take control by moving your hips to meet them for more serious feeling. Assuming infiltration is excessively profound, there are extraordinary penis rings you can get that change the profundity of entrance so you can appreciate Doggy without it being awkward. Call Girls Aerocity for a bold night!

Legs Up

Legs Up is an extraordinary sluggish sex position for ladies as it just expects you to rests and let your accomplice takes control over the movements. It offers closeness and gives your accomplice admittance to your clit. You set down on your back on the bed or some other surface to get into this position, and your accomplice bows before you. Lift your legs and let your accomplice lean them against their chest as they enter you.

Legs Up gives a very good penetration point that will most likely hit the appropriate spots during butt-centric and vaginal sex. Also you can either animate your clit or request that your accomplice do it for you for those sweet blended orgasms. Aerocity Escorts for the most pleasing sex experience!

Pound Town

Pound Town is a slight variety of a Doggy sex position that requires really bowing and energy. This is a worthwhile sex position for ladies since its ideal for vaginal and anal sex and offers a profound penetration angle.

To get into this position, you set down on your stomach. Then, at that point, lift just your hips, so they are in the air while most of you are on the bed or another surface. Contingent upon your stature distinctions, your accomplice either kneels or stands above you as they infiltrate you from behind. Escort Girls Aerocity for an erotic night!

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl is one more astounding sex position for ladies that give you all the command over your pleasure and an incredible view for your accomplice. It’s a variety of a Cowgirl, where rather than confronting your accomplice as you ride; you walk out on them. To get into this position, let your partner lay on their back. Then, at that point, you continue on top of them, riding them as you lower yourself on their penis. For the best solace, lean forward, propping your hands on their legs, and skip away. Aerocity Call Girls for the best sensual experience!

Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle is another sluggish sex position that will be ideally suited for when you’re worn out yet at the same time need the enormous O. It offers a deep penetration angle while giving your accomplice extraordinary admittance to your clit, so it’s an absolute victor. To get into this position, set down on your back. You can either be sleeping so your accomplice bows toward the end. Or on the other hand you can rests on the table with the goal that your accomplice remains at the edge of it as they penetrate you. Call Girls Aerocity for the best fun ever!

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